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Learn How To Build A Million $$$ Practice Using Widow Leads and Our $500-A-Day 3-Step Postcard System....
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 In these reports, you will learn how to stop paying $35-$37 per lead for final expense leads. Using our niche widow lead system you will learn how to make $500-A-Day using this system. 
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I am so glad to share with you a part of my journey and everything I’ve learned so far about selling final expense insurance, life insurance, and annuities.

You will learn:

* How to average 3-5 referrals on every sale you make.
How to use our Pre Approach letter that has a 60% appointment rate with widows.
* $1500-A-Day Lead System Selling Insurance Over The Phone.
* Learn 7 "Secrets" Veteran Final Expense Agents use to make $100,000+ a year working only 5 hours a day.
* What’s the biggest mistake new agents make in the final expense market.
* How Rob S. wrote $6056 in AP in 3.5 Days using our postcard System.
* Discover how to double, triple and even QUADRUPLE your producer using my 
* How to get $25 Pre-Set and Pre-Set qualified leads.
* The secret phrase I used on widows to sell 31 Million in annuities in 11.5 years.
* How I wrote 55 final expense plans in one month.
* How to build your own agency and build a million dollars in renewals.
* The script I use for getting 4 appointments for every 11 widows I call.
* Learn how to cross-sale into the annuity business. Get an appointment script of a 12 Million $$$ Annuity Producer.
* My "$500-A-Day Preferred Widow Lead Postcard System."
* How To Average 21 Appointments Per Selling Over The Phone.
I hope you have a great life and always BIGGER commissions,
  • Learn How To Build A Final Expense Agency Using Widow Leads and Our $500-A-Day Postcard System Working Widow Leads...
  • How to Get 3 To 5 Referrals On Every Sale. You Make Here’s an opportunity for you to double your income off your own leads. I’ve always considered referrals as a way to pay for my new car and vacations.
  • How to Build A Million Dollars in Renewals. Now, I must admit this is quite a claim to make! It would take a real effort on your part along with a handful of agents. You would also need my support and guidance. But I know from experience it is definitely possible. 
  • How To Sell Annuities To Your Widow Leads. You will receive a powerful phrase to say to all your widow leads that will help you sell a ton of annuities.
  • How To Sell 6-8 Policies A Week Over The Phone. Learn how to have "Live Transfers" daily for as little as $7.00 Per transfer using a "Power Dialer" and Filippino Telemarketers for just $3.00-$3.50 per hour.
  • Learn How To Get Your Share Of Baby Boomer Millions.​ Tap the 20 Billion market of people 55-74

Russ Jones
"The Lead Junkie"
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