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Wait! Get 4,000 Niche Widow Leads For Final Expense and 1000 Investors And Wealthy Prospects For Annuity $1,000,000 Term Plans Sales...Plus, Our Websites Lead System and Auto Responder With 10 Emotional video. 

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You get 4,000 niche widow leads and 1,000 investors for $1,000,000 policies in your favorite area. Includes postcard template for final expense where I personally sold 2500 final expense plans in 10 years and did $33 Million in annuities working widows, plus a number of BIG term plans. You also, get our "Final Expense Millionaire Course," and 5 websites, monthly client newsletter, postcard templates and 10 emotional videos that go out over 30 days with your website and phone number on it. All you do drop a prospects email into the system for people who want to think about. THE VIDOES WILL CLOSE A NUMBER OF YOUR PROSPECTS WHO WANT TO THING ABOUT IT.
What you'll get with the MegaPack today:
  •  Niche Leads: 4,000 niche widows and 1,000 investors (worth $497)
  • Marketing Course: Final Expense Millionaire Course (worth $197)
  • Term quote System: How to sell $1,000,000 term plans weekly. (worth $47)
  •  Websites: Final Expense and Term site plus client newsletter (worth $277)
That's $638 of incredible upgrades to boost your Insider Secrets success!
This Special Offer Ends After 10 Agents Order.
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